Not too late, maybe

I have an amazing boyfriend,
and (I think) I’m taking him for granted.
I have an amazing boyfriend,
but our future feels like it’s about to end.

It would end if I didn’t do anything
It would end if I woouldn’t say something
and I don’t know what’s worse
than being filled with remorse.


The Writer and Her Lover

She was a writer but never was her lover.

They just came back home after a great movie and a long walk in the park.

“I’ll get the dinner ready,” she said, and he went straight to the couch to rest but he was still soaked in sweat from their walk.
“Love, do I have any shirt left here? I’m kind of dripping wet from that walk,” he asked her.
“Yes, it’s up in my room. In my cabinet,” she shouted back from the kitchen.

He went to her room and found his black V-neck shirt in the cabinet, on the very top of her clothes. After changing he noticed the journal he gave her as an anniversary gift because he knows how much she likes to write. She writes a lot. She writes about anything, and writes anywhere. She writes about her thoughts, no matter how out of this world they could get. She writes about her feelings. She writes when she’s happy; when she’s lonely; when she’s horny; when she misses him; when she thinks about him; when she feels angry; when she’s inspired; and when she doesn’t feeling anything at all — just words, rhyming random but beautiful words. She was passionate about writing. Her writings are the doors to her heart; to her soul.

However, on that journal she decided to write anything about him and only him because it was a gift from him. Everything she thinks and feels about him was in there. Every little thing about him, and what he does is so special for her. And everything was written in there.

He scanned the pages and read some lines. She caught him reading the journal. She was not mad nor angry. Instead, she felt so much joy and excitement that finally, he’ll get to know what he really means to her.

She smiled and asked, “So, what do you think?”
“About what?”
“About what you’ve read in that journal.”
“I think’s it’s okay.”

And her heart stopped. Okay? Just… okay?

“You really write a lot. That’s good. Is dinner ready?”

She was not moving nor speaking. She just looked at him in shock. Her heart was shattered. Finally she found her voice.

“What else do you think?”
“What do you mean? I said it’s okay.”

“What, what’s wrong?” he said.

“You don’t listen to what I write…”

The Bus Ride

They were sitting together in a bus on their way home. Her head rests on his shoulder, her fingers lace into his. The night was young and the moon shines over the darkness outside the window. There was only a few passengers on board and most were asleep. It was a peaceful ride. He was quiet and listens to her breathing while she pretends to sleep. Her heart beats louder and louder with his every grip on her hand. Every grip had a message. One grip means I love you. Another grip means I don’t ever want to lose you. He fondles her hand and it was overwhelming for her. Every stroke he does seem to melt her heart. She was not drunk nor high. She was just deeply in love with the man sitting beside her and she doesn’t want him to let go. She smiled to herself as she thinks, she is one of the happiest woman in love.